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Dear Mum,
while you were out
a cup went and broke itself,
a crack appeard in the blue vase
your great-great grandad
brought back from Mr. Ming in China.
Somehow, without me even turning on the tap,
the sink mysteriously overflowed.
A strange jam-stain,
about the size of a boy's hand,
appeard on the kitchen wall.
I don't think we will ever dicover
exactly how the cat
managed to turn on the washer-machine
(especialy from inside),
or how sis's pet rabbit went out and mistook
the waste-desposal unit for a burrow.
Ican teel you i was scared when,
as if by magic,
a series of muddy footprints
appeared on the new white carpet.
I was being good
buti think the house id haunted so
knowing you're going to have a fit
I've gone to gran's for a bit.
really love this poem
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KATIEBELL118 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Writer
The Beautiful poem to beutify the world [link]
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thats pure GENEUS...
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